Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Slow Ride - on hold at 10 as of breakfast 3 Jan - probably barred from the Mitre

So I go to the Mitre (  http://1pumplane.wordpress.com/2010/05/07/the-mitre-oxford/ ) for breakfast, place my order including a half pint of Carling, and participated in this exchange:

Mitre Monkey: "We don't sell beer until 10."
drSR: "Oh, well, cancel the brekkie, then."  
MM: "Alcoholic."
drSR: "Pardon me? This is a pub that doesn't sell alcohol.  I can get a shit breakfast anywhere that doesn't sell alcohol.  Do you realise you wouldn't even be here to try to insult me if your dad had gone to a whorehouse that didn't sell pussy?"
MM: "There's no need for that sort of language, mate."

I'll bag Carling #11 somewhere else. I think that might be for the best (something in the tone of that "mate").


zagbag said...

Well done Sir!

alpha kenny one said...

Somewhere, sometime, that line is going to get me fired. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

If the guy had been bigger or if I had been drinking already, I would have opted for, "that's DOCTOR Alcoholic, to you;" I'm less rude when I've been drinking and/or don't have a fighting chance.