Pretty simple, drink your chosen yellow beer* at 100 different places.  (same chosen beer all the way to 100)
An establishment with a license to sell beer is preferred, but it can also be somewhere "cool" outdoors-y area, to celebrate a "kick ass" accomplishment or unique event.
  • You may not count ANY location twice in the challenge.  It must be 100 beers in 100 completely different places. 
  • It must be the same beer 100 times.  You're shit out of luck, if the bar you chose doesn't carry Lonestar, or PBR, or whatever, so think about it, and choose wisely.
  • You CAN go to 15 different bars in one day and drink 15 PBR's.  Again, you can't use a bar you originally used in March, again in October because your lame ass doesn't have any other ideas.
  * Acceptable Yellow beer? 
Not one of those higher dollar micro-brew, craft beer, hoppy, IPA, etc. Sorry. Don't even ask. Which means NO Blue moon, Fat tire, Heineken, Guiness, Stella, Stone IPA, etc.  That's simply not what this challenge is about. 

  • This must be a cheap yellow beer, like a Lonestar, PBR, Pearl, Schlitz, Rainier, Yuengling, etc.  
  • The only acceptable beers from the big national brewers (Budweiser, Coors, Miller) beer is Miller High Life and that nasty cream colored Coors "banquet beer". 
  • The only acceptable Mexican beer is Tecate.  

We've gone international:
Mexico - Tecate
Canada - Kokanee or Molson Canadian
UK - Carling
Chile - Cristal   (no, not the stuff  US rappers drink in the US before they slap their bitches)
South Africa - Windhoek (a Namibian beer)
 CAN, BOTTLE, or DRAFT BEER, it's all good.  (Just don't cheat with the draft beers.)

Here's a page with some reviews of some of the beers.

While I don't think I should have to even address this, some of you are so freaking difficult that this is probably needed:

What IS a cool place?:
The peak of a mountain, and awesome outdoorsy area with an awesome view, a big festival, a once a year crawfish boil, at the Bob Marley fest, the beer you snuck in to the national museum of art, the beer you snuck in to a major event, the beer they almost confiscated at the regional Chess tournament. (just show us a cool backdrop if it's something like that.)
Don't be a douche and use different views from the same friggin' mountain or same trail twice. ie. If you drink one at the top of the Incline in Colorado, you can't then 5 months later, post one at the bottom.

What IS NOT a cool place?:
Simply put, don't be a douche... nothing lame, like: "here I am on my couch drinking", or after some re-occurring training event, a typical weekend run, during a weekly or monthly hash run, friend's house type of thing.
However, having an awesome, UNIQUE, event at a house like: a Pizza eating contest, or a beer mile race, IS COOL and totally counts.
Bottom line, make it cool shit. Not lame crap.
The Superbowl party (or other GIANT sporting final) is unique, a playoff or regular season game is NOT unless you are there in person.
Drinking a beer at some weekend house party or get together, BBQ at a friend's house, is NOT cool.  Drinking a beer while in a stripper costume at the once-a-year halloween party, IS cool.

Simply send an email to: 100beersin2012 @ gmail dot com
In the email, include:
  • Beer chosen for your challenge.
  • Who you know currently part of the challenge that referred you. (please state person's real name.)
I'll then add you as an author after I verify that you're not a spammer, and send you simple instructions on how to easily upload your individual photos from your smart phone.


Keep it simple, the title should say it all.
Who, Where, Where, What

Example:     Wiley - Horseshoe Lounge - Austin, TX - Lonestar #45

No huge commentary needed with the photo, but you're welcome to add some comments if you like.
Make sure you put your name the same way every time, so the blog can then be searched by that, or by the beer type.

You'll have to keep track of how many you have drank, and where on your own.
Your smart phone has a notepad for this purpose.

This is gonna be good!

(Feel free to post the photo to your own FB wall, personal website, etc.)