Sunday, April 29, 2012

Animoul / Blue Ribbon Pizza / Encinitas, CA / PBR#2

PBR #1



This is my first submission; let me know what I do wrong (think I may need to cut the resolution… not sure).  Thanks.


WHO                     WHERE                                 WHERE                                 WHAT

Animoul               Pacific Ocean                     Solana Beach, CA             PBR#1


No easy feat… especially when you’re no good at surfing

Squeezin' - Canary Hut - Austin, TX - Champagne of Beers #36

Vehicle is out of my range

Friday, April 27, 2012

brownie/Satire Lounge/Colfax Ave/PBR #44

brownie/Lions Lair/Colfax Ave/PBR #43

brownie/ Goosetown Tavern/Colfax Ave/PBR #42

Psycho- Zanzibar- Denver, CO- PBR#73

Right behind where I'm standing there used to be a hottub in the middle of the bar

brownie/PS Lounge/Colfax Ave/PBR #41

Bilirubensbabe, Drafthouse Village, ATX, LS#31

Second one with the beautiful new label.

Lulu - 50 Minute Trail - Austin, TX - Champagne of Beers # 34

Waiting at the trailhead..... Ready to ride!

Dude WMBC - Austin, TX - Water Tank bar & grill - Lone Star #27

Kind of a redneck joint.  Fried catfish, though.

Bump Her-The Water Tank-Austin, TX-Lone Star#6

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Billie - Sam's boat - Austin, tx - lone star # 39

Awkward turtle balloon

brownie/The Jackpot/Lawrence, KS/PBR #36

brownie/Replay Lounge/Lawrence, KS/PBR #34

brownie/Rick's Place/Lawrence, KS/ PBR #34

Pretty sure "Hook 'Em Horns" will not work as a pick up line here.

Dude WMBC - Round Rock, TX - My Old Man's 67th birthday party - Lone Star #25

Squeezin' - Dagwood - Austin, TX - Champagne of Beers #34

Big 10 Pub Crawl

Squeezin' - Molotov - Austin, TX - Champagne of Beers #33

Big 10 Pub Crawl

Squeezin' - Tiniest Bar in Texas - Austin, TX - Champagne of Beers #32

Big 10 Pub Crawl

Psycho- kayaking on lake Dillon- Dillon, CO-PBR#68

Psycho- cala inn- keystone,CO- PBR#67