Monday, December 31, 2012

Lulu - happy new year!! - Austin, Tx - cob #101

We are ringing in the new year with a 32 ounce champagne of beers....Living the high life! Love you all! Happy New Years friends!

Ragnar 2012 Beer Challenge Recap


  1. Black Sheep Lodge, Austin
  2. Red 7 (Free Week), Austin
  3. Beauty Bar (Free Week), Austin
  4. Flipnotics, Austin
  5. Kohl's parking lot, Austin
  6. Reverend Horton Heat at Antone's, Austin
  7. Ruby's BBQ, Austin
  8. Open Room Austin, (Art in Public Spaces table), Austin
  9. On the Colorado River, Webberville, Texas
  10. Aussies, Austin
  11. Stomping Grounds, Austin
  12. Green Mesquite BBQ, Austin
  13. Mean Eyed Cat, Austin
  14. Home Slice Pizza, Austin
  15. Clive Bar, Austin
  16. Icenhauers, Austin
  17. Rio Rita, Austin
  18. Brixton, Austin
  19. The Gypsy, Austin
  20. Liberty Bar, Austin
  21. Casino El Camino, Austin
  22. Lustre Pearl (SXSW crawfish boil), Austin
  23. Old School Grill (SXSW film), Austin
  24. Buffalo Billiards (SXSW film), Austin
  25. Conduit tent (SXSW interactive), Austin
  26. Decentralized Dance Party (SXSW), Under the 1st Street Bridge, Austin
  27. Theophilus London, Santigold at La Zona Rosa (SXSW music), Austin
  28. Red Eyed Fly (SXSW music), Austin
  29. Dan Deacon @ Stubbs BBQ (SXSW), Austin
  30. Mr. Gnome @ Treasure Island (SXSW)
  31. Toobing Barton Creek After Work (in March), Austin
  32. Flamenco Beach (Sherman tank), Culebra Island, Puerto Rico
  33. Whip In, Austin
  34. Bio Luminescent Bay, Fajardo, Puerto Rico
  35. Castillo San Felipe del Morro, San Juan, Puerto Rico
  36. Luquillo Beach, Puerto Rico
  37. La Mina Falls, El Yunque National (Rain) Forest, Puerto Rico
  38. Medina River, somewhere between Medina and Bandera, TX
  39. Ginny's Little Longhorn Saloon, Austin
  40. The Pit, Chuy's Barton Springs, Austin
  41. Ski Shores Café, Austin
  42. City Park camping debauchery, Austin
  43. Shipe Park, Austin
  44. Booze (Blues) on the Green, Austin
  45. Biosphere, Parc Jean-Drapeau, Montreal
  47. Lake Champlain Waterfront, Burlington, Vermont
  48. Secluded beach (pulled over in the Jeep), north shore of Puerto Rico
  49. Magnolia Café, Austin
  50. Flying Saucer, Austin
  51. The Afghan Whigs at Lollapalooza, Chicago, Illinois
  52. Fun Fun Fun Fest Aqua Olympics, Fiesta Gardens, Austin
  53. Cenote, Austin
  54. Lucy's Fried Chicken, Austin
  55. Starseeds Café, Austin
  56. Bungalow, Austin
  57. The Blackheart, Austin
  58. Uncle Billy's, Austin
  59. Jacob's Well, Wimberly, Texas
  60. Kayaking the San Marcos River, near Martindale, Texas
  61. Kayaking Barton Creek, near 360 Bridge, Austin
  62. Pelons, Austin
  63. The Mohawk, Austin
  64. Drinking Tree Springs, Lady Bird Lake, Austin
  65. Austin Java South Lamar, Austin
  66. Dog and Duck Pub, Austin
  67. Cook's Island, Colorado River, Austin
  68. Austin City Limits Festival, Austin
  69. Connie's Beer Garden, Austin
  70. Bangers, Austin
  71. Wahoo's Tacos, South Congress, Austin
  72. The Rattle Inn, Austin
  73. Horseshoe Lounge, Austin
  74. Zilker Park in a Hammock, Austin
  75. Lavaca Street Bar (Halloween), Austin
  76. Chupacabra, (Halloween), Austin
  77. Key Bar (Halloween, Austin)
  78. Kung Fu Bar (Halloween), Austin
  79. Three Points Ranch, Round Mountain, Texas
  80. Buddha Shrine on a small island in the woods near Huay Bong, Thailand
  81. Wat Arun (Temple of Dawn), West Bank of the Chao Phraya River, Bangkok, Thailand
  82. Kayaking Armand Bayou with a Redfish in my Hand, Clear Lake City, Texas
  83. Fitties BBQ, Bastrop, Texas
  84. Yellow Jacket Social Club, Austin
  85. KGSR 22nd Anniversary Party, Moody Theater, Austin
  86. Pedernales State Falls Park, Johnson City, Texas
  87. Dally's Down Under Saloon, Johnson City, Texas
  88. Southpaw Jones and Brian Kremer at the Cactus Café, Austin
  89. Fishing Town Lake from a Union Pacific bridge pier, Austin
  90. East Side King at the Hole in the Wall, Austin
  91. Black Star Coop, Austin
  92. Gibson Bar, Austin
  93. Donn's Depot, Austin
  94. Kebabalicious trailer, Trail of Lights, Zilker Park, Austin
  95. Hut's Hamburgers, Austin
  96. Saturn V Rocket, Rocket Park, Johnson Space Center, Houston, TX
  97. 1894 stone arch bridge abutment over Barton Creek, Austin
  98. Easy Tiger, Austin
  99.  Office Space Quote-a-Long @ Alamo Drafthouse Ritz, Austin
  100.  Broken Spoke, Austin

Bilirubensbabe, 400 Rabbits, ATX,#102

really, that's a 400

Ragnar Broken Spoke Austin Lone Star 100

Lulu - 100 Beer Challenge Complete!!!!

Woohoo! It is official… 100 shitty beers were consumed in 100 not shitty places! There were definitely some miscounts along the way so I did the audit to verify that all is in order. And it is!! I will say that Saturday in Durango was BRUTAL - I seriously never want to drink a High Life again after that marathon. But my cousin was determined not to let Brownie and Wiley mock me for not finishing and like a trooper she was our DD for the day. It was definitely fun looking through the site and seeing all the cool places I went this year and drank high life. So…. without further ado… I present my list of beers (along with the number shown on the site and a count of actual beers drank):

Actual Beers Number Listed in Website Date Drank Location City Notes
1 1 1-Jan Boomerz Austin, TX
2 2 1-Jan Detours Austin, TX
3 3 1-Jan Backspin Austin, TX
4 4 1-Jan Doc's Backyard Austin, TX
5 5 1-Jan Giddy Ups Austin, TX
6 6 4-Jan Overlooking Pennybacker Bridge Austin, TX
7 7 6-Jan Barton Springs Saloon Austin, TX
8 8 7-Jan 1st down at stassney Austin, TX
9 9 7-Jan Conan's Pizza Austin, TX
10 10 12-Jan Aspen Glen Sparks, NV
11 11 12-Jan Dottie's  Reno, NV
12 12 13-Jan Dottie's Carson City, NV
13 13 13-Jan Cosmic Tattoo South Lake Tahoe, NV
14 14 13-Jan Mo's Place South Lake Tahoe, NV
15 15 3-Feb El Charro and Maverick Room Lordsburg, NM
16 16 3-Feb Arizona Stateline Mile 0, AZ
17 17 3-Feb New Mexico Stateline Mile 0, NM
18 18 4-Feb 1st Aid Station, Singlespeed AZ Championship Tucson, AZ
19 19 5-Feb Celebrating DFL at the Finish Line of SSAZ Tucson, AZ
20 20 5-Feb Texas Stateline Mile 0, TX
21 21 5-Feb Post SuperBowl Party at Travelodge El Paso, TX
22 21 5-Feb Los Amigos Bar El Paso, TX Listed 21 twice
23 23 11-Feb Reveille Peak Ranch Burnet, TX
24 24 15-Feb Halfway Pt - City Park Trail Ride Austin, TX
25 25 19-Feb Freddy's Place Austin, TX
26 26 26-Feb Horeshoe Lounge Austin, TX
27 27 3-Mar Austin Sports and Social Kickball Tourney Richard Moya Park, TX
28 28 10-Mar Westgate Lanes Austin, TX
29 29 16-Mar Camping at Pacebend Park Paleface Ranch, TX
30 30 25-Mar Plucker's North Austin, TX
31 31 7-Apr Red's Front Porch Austin, TX
32 32 19-Apr Sam's Town Point Austin, TX
33 33 19-Apr Texas Roadhouse Austin, TX
34 34 27-Apr 50 Minute Trail Austin, TX
35 34 4-May Archway to the Past Dana Point Harbor, CA Listed as 34
36 35 4-May Lucky 13 Lifegaurd Station Doheny beach, CA
37 36 17-May Toobing Barton Creek Barton Creek Greenbelt, ATX
38 37 17-May Little Woodrows Austin, TX
39 38 18-May Moon River Austin, TX
40 39 25-May Some Random Park in South Austin Austin, TX
41 40 26-May Kegball 8 - Longview Park Austin, TX
42 41 31-May Under the Ben White Overpass Hobo Style Austin, TX
43 42 2-Jun Darwin's Roseville, TX
44 43 3-Jun Cindy's Hogwild Bastrop, TX
45 44 11-Jun Kayaking Townlake Austin, TX
46 45 29-Jun Kelli's Up in Smoke Austin, TX
47 46 14-Jul Third Base Austin, TX
48 47 14-Jul Lavaca Street Austin, TX
49 48 14-Jul Lucky Lounge Austin, TX
50 49 14-Jul Iron Bear Austin, TX
51 50 21-Jul Heavenly Gondola South Lake Tahoe, NV
52 51 22-Jul Sand Harbor Lake Tahoe, NV
53 52 22-Jul Rookie's Incline Villag, NV
54 53 22-Jul Circle Bar Cal Neva
55 54 22-Jul Nevada Stateline Mile 0 Nevada
56 55 22-Jul California Stateline Mile 0 CA
57 56 26-Jul Lucky's Boston, MA *This email never went through
58 57 29-Jul Starting Line Singlespeed USA Championship Stowe, VT
59 59 12-Sep ABIA Austin, TX
60 60 13-Sep Rosa's Flamingo Bethlehem, NH
61 61 14-Sep Sugarloaf Mountain Zealand National Forest, NH
62 62 14-Sep Mt. Washington Summit Mt. Washington, NH
63 63 14-Sep Fabyan's Bretton Woods, NH
64 64 22-Sep Coral Reef Bar South Padre Island, TX
65 65 20-Oct Tour De Fat Austin, TX
66 66 4-Nov Bubs San Diego, CA
67 67 17-Nov Formula 1 Circuit of the Americas Austin, TX
68 68 24-Nov Brew Burger Tulsa, OK
69 69 25-Nov #69 on Hwy 69 McAlester, OK
70 70 30-Nov The Dizzy Rooster Austin, TX
71 71 14-Dec Tiniest Bar Austin, TX
72 72 14-Dec Dogwood Austin, TX
73 73 14-Dec Chuggin Monkey Austin, TX
74 74 16-Dec Casino El Camino Austin, TX
75 75 21-Dec Aussie's Austin, TX
76 76 27-Dec El Rancho Durango, CO
77 77 27-Dec Lost Dog Durango, CO
78 78 29-Dec Billy Goat Saloon Jim Village, CO
79 79 29-Dec Desperados Durango, CO
80 80 29-Dec Pinkerton Hot Springs La Plata County, CO
81 81 29-Dec The Olde Schoolhouse 3Mi South of Purgatory, CO
82 82 29-Dec Purgatory Durango Mountain Resort, CO
83 83 29-Dec Molas Pass Outside Silverton, CO
84 84 29-Dec Serious Texas Bar-B-Que Durango, CO
85 85 29-Dec J. Bo's Durango, CO
86 86 29-Dec Charles Dale Rae Clocktower Ft. Lewis College, CO
87 87 29-Dec 8th Ave Tavern Durango, CO
88 88 29-Dec Orio's Roadhouse Durango, CO
89 89 29-Dec Lady Falconburgh Durango, CO
90 90 29-Dec The Summit Durango, CO
91 91 29-Dec Derailed Saloon Durango, CO
92 92 29-Dec Colorado Ponga Durango, CO
93 56 8-Dec Walnut Creek Park Austin, TX
94 93 30-Dec Animas River Trail Durango, CO
95 94 30-Dec USA Pro Cycling Challenge Scultpure Durango, CO
96 95 30-Dec Colorado Trail San Juan National Forest, CO
97 96 30-Dec Bodos State Wildlife Area La Plata County, CO
98 97 30-Dec Wildlife Detectors La Plata County, CO
99 98 30-Dec Jenkins Conservation Easement Bayfield, CO
100 99 31-Dec Bender Bar Austin, TX

Slow Ride - New Year's Eve - Swindon - Carling #144

Final Carling of the Year to accompany the traditional New Year's Eve cassoulet, which we have on every anniversary we spend at home (yep, this is what 27 years of wedded bliss looks like):

Slow Ride - IMS/TOF Mass Spectrometer - Oxford University - Carling #143

Minor emergencies down at the lab will not interfere with the end of year celebrations.

The Endless British Pub Crawl continues...

Fwd: Lulu - Lucky's - Boston, MA - Champagne of Beers #56

Just remembered after looking at the audits that I had an issue in July with emails bouncing to the blog. Then I found this! I didn't skip 56 after all. The email bounced! Which means.... I MADE IT TO 100!!!!!!!! Will post full list tomorrow.

Begin forwarded message:

Date: July 26, 2012, 11:43:50 AM CDT
Subject: Lulu - Lucky's - Boston, MA - Champagne of Beers #56

The first airport bar to ever have the Champagne of Beers. Aww yeah!

Lulu - Bender Bar - Austin, Tx - Champagne of Beers #99

Of course all they have are tall boys! I just want to finish this shit and go to bed!

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Bilirubensbabe's 100 Lone Stars Audit of myself

Audited my posted beers and cross-referenced with my tracking app. I found one duplicate and had some counting issues, so here is the adjusted and corrected list:

Reported Number Actual Number Location Location Date
LS#102 101 Workhorse ATX  December 30
LS#101 100 21st & Guadalupe ATX  December 27
LS#100 99 Blue Genie Art Bazaar ATX  December 23
LS#99 98 Houndstooth North Loop Invasion @ Drink Well ATX  December 16
LS#98 97 Mean Eyed Cat ATX  December 15
LS#97 96 Rogue Christmas Party ATX  December 15
LS#96 95 Texadelphia ATX  December 15
LS#95 94 TNT ATX  December 13
LS#94 93 Threadgill's North Lamar ATX  December 10
LS#93 92 Tree at the finish line at Decker Challenge ATX  December 09
LS#92 91 THE Tavern ATX  December 08
LS#91 90 Waterloo 360 ATX  December 06
LS#90 89 Easy Tiger ATX  ecember 05
LS#89 88 Alamo Drafthouse Slaughter Ln ATX  December 03
 LS#88 87 SailPoint Holiday Party, Omni Downtown ATX  November 30
 LS#87 86 Flores Mexican Restaurant 620 ATX  November 27
 LS#86 85 Whip In ATX  November 23
 LS#85 84 Lala's ATX  November 15
 LS#84 83 Corner Bar ATX  November 06
 LS#83 82 Gourdough's Public House ATX  November 06
 LS#82 81 Nik's Italian Kitchen ATX  November 06
 LS#81 80 Goodnight ATX  November 04
 LS#80 79 Doc's Fish Camp Marble Falls, TX  October 21
LS#78 78 Scholz Bier Garten ATX  October 20
 LS#78 77 Chuy's North Lamar ATX  October 15
LS#76 76 Poodle Dog ATX  October 15
 LS#76 75 Black Sheep Lodge ATX  October 14
 LS#75 74 ACL ATX  October 12
 LS#74 73 Crown & Anchor ATX  October 03
 LS#73 72 Ski Shores ATX  October 01
 LS#72 71 Man Bites Dog ATX  September 28
 LS#71 70 SailPoint,  6.0 release FINALLY ATX  September 28
 LS#70 69 The Pour House ATX  September 23
 LS#69 68 Boulevard Bar & Grill ATX  September 10
Duplicate   Central Market ATX  September 07
 LS#67 67 Lonestar Tailgate on the way to the game ATX  September 01
 LS#66 66 Justis Legit Tailgate,  Hook 'em ATX  September 01
 LS#65 65 Conan's Pizza ATX  August 24
 LS#64 64 Opal Divine's Davenport ATX  August 20
 LS#63 63 Gueros ATX  August 19
 LS#62 62 Quality Seafood Market ATX  August 18
 LS#61 61 Right or Happy,  Cactus Café ATX  August 11
 LS#60 60 Billy's on Burnet ATX  August 11
 LS#59 59 Summer B-day Celebration,  The in-laws ATX  August 11
 LS#58 58 Cover 3 ATX  August 04
 LS#57 57 Rudy's 183 ATX  August 04
 LS#56 56 Flying Saucer ATX  July 28
 LS#55 55 Phil's Ice House ATX  July 27
 LS#54 54 Hillside Farmacy ATX  July 15
 LS#53 53 Little Deli ATX  July 14
 LS#52 52 Prometheus, Gateway Movie Theater ATX  July 14
 LS#51 51 Den Lille Havfruen  Copenhagen, Denmark  July 09
 LS#50 50 Veranda på Slependen  Bærum, Norway  July 03
 LS#49 49 Fjelltoppen  Kvaløysletta, Tromsø, Troms, Norway  July 03
 LS#48 48 Eurocup finalen  Kvaløya,  Tromsø, Troms, Norway  July 01
 LS#47 47 Noel & Adrienne's wedding, El Dorado ranch  Durango, CO  June 23
 LS#46 46 Poolside  Durango, CO  June 23
 LS#45 45 Pelons (Old Jaimes Village) ATX  June 09
 LS#44 44 Takoba ATX  June 09
 LS#43 43 Zax ATX  June 08
 LS#42 42 Blue Sky LBB  June 05
 LS#41 41 Alamo Drafthouse Lakecreek ATX  June 02
 LS#40 40 Maudie's North Lamar ATX  June 02
 LS#39 39 Volente Beach, Sailpoint Family Picnic ATX  June 01
 LS#39 38 Ginny's Little Longhorn ATX  May 26
 LS#37 37 Black Star Co-op ATX  May 17
 LS#36 36 Perla's for Stacey's b-day ATX  May 16
 LS#35 35 Violet Crown Cinema ATX  May 14
 LS#34 34 Green Mesquite ATX  May 11
 LS#33 33 Peter Pan mini golf ATX  May 11
 LS#32 32 Hopdoddy on Anderson ATX  April 28
 LS#31 31 Drafthouse Village ATX  April 27
 LS#30 30 Two Step SATX  April 22
 LS#30 29 Mini D's baby shower ATX  April 15
 LS#28 28 Church Maze, First Cumberland ATX  April 08
 LS#27 27 Mighty Fine Arbor Walk ATX  April 07
 LS#26 26 Home Slice ATX  April 01
 LS#25 25 Evangeline Cafe ATX  March 31
 LS#24 24 Dart Bowl ATX  March 30
 LS#23 23 Stubb's ATX  March 25
 LS#22 22 40th redux @ The Side Bar ATX  March 25
 LS#21 21 Best pirate party ever! SATX  March 24
 LS#20 20 Horseshoe Lounge ATX  March 17
 LS#19 19 Wedding ATX  March 17
 LS#18 18 CM ATX  March 14
 LS#17 17 Bacon ATX  March 11
 LS#16 16 Torchy's Burnet ATX  March 11
 LS#15 15 Park ATX  March 11
 LS#14 14 mile 23.8 Austin marathon ATX  March 11
 LS#13 13 Pappy's Bar and Grill ATX  February 17
 LS#12 12 Thunderbird Coffee ATX  February 16
 LS#11 11 Drafthouse South Lamar ATX  February 16
LS#10 10 Little Woodrow's 6th ATX  February 5
 LS#9 9 House Pizzeria ATX  January 30
 LS#7 8 Drafthouse Ritz for Moulin Rouge Sing-a-long ATX  January 26
 LS#7 7 Gourmands ATX  January 21
 LS#6 6 Blue Star Cafe ATX  January 20
 LS#5 5 Cafe Brasil post trials party Houston  January 14
 LS#4 4 parking lot at Catalina coffee Houston  January 14
 LS#3 3 mile 7 olympic trials Houston  January 14
 LS#2 2 Stiles Switch BarBQ ATX  January 13
 LS#1 1 Maudie's Davenport ATX  January 13

Bilirubensbabe, Scholz Bier Garten, ATX,#78

October 20, pre-game.

Bilirubensbabe, Poodle Dog, ATX,#76

October 15, post ACL fun with Sean.

Bilirubensbabe, Justis Legit Tailgate, Hook 'em, ATX,#66

Photo for #66.

Bilirubensbabe, Little Woodrow's 6th, ATX, LS#10

Missing post for #10. After the Super Bowl featuring Marty & Skyview!

Bilirubensbabe, Mini D's baby shower, ATX,#29

Photo for Mini D's shower, which is actually 29, not 30. Had 2 #30's. Now it's all good.

Bilirubensbabe, Workhouse, ATX,#102

Celebrating the Horns win!

Squeezin' - 100 Yellow Beers in 100 Different Places 2012

I interrupt Lulu's sprint to the finish line to present my 100 beer mosaic!
If Slow Ride can get two more Carlings before 2013 I will make him a 12x12 144 beer mosaic.

I think I may do mine over with 16:9 dimensions so as to make a nice screen background. If anyone else wants one, let me know.

Lulu - Jenkins Conservation Easement - Bayfield, CO - cob#98

The Jenkins Conservation Easement butts up to the Ute Indian Reservation. The easement can never be developed and is a haven for wildlife - we saw 8 deer and two coyotes on our short hike. As you can see... It is surrounded by tons of kick as views too :)

PS. I'm never drinking high life again when this shit is done!!!

Lulu - Wildlife Detectors - la plata county,co - cob#97

Between durango and bayfield the wildlife fences end. This stretch of highway is known for most dead animals per mile (or something). So they post wildlife detector signs like these when wildlife is passing through the area. I guess they were detecting me!

Lulu - Bodo State Wildlife Area - La Plata County, CO - COB#96

Keeping the state wildflower area wild one high life at a time!

Lulu - Colorado Trail - San Juan National Forest, CO - champagne of beers 95

The Colorado trail is 74 miles from Durango to molas pass - where I got a challenge beer last night. I also made yellow snow just now!

Lulu - USA Pro cycling ChAllenge Sculpture - Durango, CO - champagne of beers #94

My feet Are so cold!

Lulu - Animas River Trail - Durango, CO - champagne of beers #93

Holy shit that tasted bad!

Lulu - walnut creek park - Austin, Tx - champagne make up beer 56

So in reviewing my posts I apparently suck at counting. I counted 34 twice and skipped 56 and 58. So I am one behind what I thought. I present Walnut Creek park on 12/8 as make up. And now I'm back on track at 92. Shew!

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Lulu - ummmm Colorado pong as I think - Durango co - champagne if bees 92

Gonna do this shit

Lulu - detailed saloon - Durango, co - you know what beer! 91 fuxk Yeash

Yup. For real

Lulu - the s(c)ummit - Durango, co - champagne of beers %90


Lulu - lady falconburg? - Durango, co - champagne of beers 89

Holy fuckballs

Lulu - Orio's roadhouse - Durango, co - champagne of beers 88

This sucks

Lulu - 8th ave tavern - Durango, co - champagne of beers 87

I never want to drink high life again

Lulu - Charles dale Rae clock tower - Ft. Lewis College - champagne of beers #86

High life makes me gassy

Lulu - J. Bo's - Durango, CO - champagne of beers #85

I fucking hate high life

Lulu - Serious Texas Bar-b-que - Durango, CO - champagne of beers #84

Take that Wiley!