Since some are beers from foreign lands to many of us, I thought I'd share what I read on about some of the beers people have chosen:

South Africa - Windhoek -
  • "Bottle from Mane Liquor. There’s no doubt this is a boring beer" 
  • "Looks like your standard macro lager. The aroma’s a bit sweet, but there’s really nothing there to speak of. The taste is sweet, but quite watery. Very neutral. Over-carbonated. Obviously this beer’s not very good".
Chile - Cristal -
  • "This is one bad beer. By far the worst I’ve had in Chile - strange that the worst ones are always what the most people drink. Glad I only had a small glass someone gave me from a bottle. Foul and pissy."
  • "Should only be had in desperate situations or out of curiosity."

  UK - Carling -
  • "used to drink it quite a lot before I discovered real beer. "
MEXICO - Tecate
  • "This beer is as bad as beer can get, refreshing is its only good caracterisc, beside that it ofers an almost water beer, with a metalic aroma, which is the signature of cuauthemoc moctezuma, and a metalic aftertaste, stay away from it."
  • " no me gusto nada" 
  • PBR - " Pours a clear pale yellow with a small head. Has a slightly unpleasant aroma of grain and urine. A hideous lager." 
  • PBR - "Aroma....smell of wet bed sheets, dog piss cedar chips and bear cave with hints of guano. Flavor of light hops, metallic, saltine cracker, dry finish. A beer best fit for sitting in ur basement with a santa claus hat on listening to paul mccartney "simply having a wonderful xmas time" on repeat.
  • Lone Star - "This beer is even worst than the average macrobrew. Not recommended to anyone."
  • Lone Star - "Well, it is what it is. Doesn’t smell like much. Maybe a little like corn that got sprayed by a skunk in the distant past."
  • Rainier - "Otherwise know. As mount rainier piss. This beer is a disgrace to the pacific northwest "
  • Old Milwaukee - "The beer that gives American beer a bad name. Pros: not a light beer; Cons: everything else"
  • Old Milwaukee - " Flavour quite corny although at least not totally skunky. Not too light bodied but is that just the corn syrup? Typical cheap pale lager. Ugh."
  • Miller High Life -  "This is the worst beer I have ever had. Smells of skunked corn. Looks like piss. Taste is very offensive. If your that hard up on money to buy this crap dig through the couch cushions, for a few cents more you can buy something halfway drinkable. "
  • Yuengling - " Usually the one thing macros get right is the appearance, not this one. The smell is pretty bad even for macro standards, old sock, corn vomit, cardboard, and rotten fruit round out the smells. The flavor is also incredibly weak. It is sour with a nasty corn note, some water, and a slight bit of hops. Watery mouthfeel, bad aftertaste. This beer sucks."
  • Coors Original - "Aftertaste is horrible funky and almost metallic." 
  • Coors Original - " I know why I quit drinking this beer."