Saturday, December 29, 2012

2013 Challenge announced

Wiley here...
Looks like Brownie and I are doing 50 burgers in 50 different places.
I'll create a blog similar to this for those that want to join in.

Haven't established full rules yet, but here are some preliminary ones:
- No fast food chains like McDonalds Burger King, Jack in the box...
- Must be red meat. No chicken, tofu, garden burger bullshit. But can be beef, bison, etc
- No multiple locations of multi-location restaurants. I.E one Chili's visit only regardless of city, state, etc. (not that I plan on using Chili's)

Stay tuned for details, but do start your burger logs. I'll try to have it all ready by Jan 1.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Can a british resident do kebabs--burgers here are not fit for a dog (albeit most kebabs contain a bit of dog, still they are mighty tasty and not at all healthy alternatives to the burger)?

This year's beer thingy was fun. Let me know the verdict on the 2013 request.