Saturday, November 10, 2012

Beer Challenge Update

Here's a fun graph showing everyone's progress.

Looks like Bilirubensbabe and Ragnar are on track to finish. Bilirubensbabe is continuing at her steady pace, but Ragnar is sprinting now and could very well catch Bilirubensbabe if she's not careful. There is little hope for anyone else except Lulu. C'mon Lulu! The hard part is finding places that have MHL, but you can make that easier by looking at my list.

Slow Ride did not slow down once reaching 100 and continues to accumulate a ton of extra credit. Pyscho and I have gotten a few extra the hell of it.

And now back to drinking... good luck and have fun, everyone!



PlaysByEar said...

Oops, sorry Wiley I didn't update your posting dates to actual dates on the last few beers. I'll correct that next time!

brownie said...

Damn, I never thought about posting for extra credit. Missed some good chances lately.