Monday, September 3, 2012

Squeezin's Challenge Update

It's Labor Day, so I decided to do some labor in addition to doing some drinking. I was curious--where do I stand among the other participants? How many do we really have any more? I collected some stats!

The participants page lists 84 CAYBDs, though I only see somewhere around 61 that have ever posted anything. Here are where the top 25 stand:

Rank CAYBD Beers First Post Date Last Post Date Beer
1 Slow Ride 123 1/1/2012 8/5/2012 Carling
2 Psycho 102 1/1/2012 8/10/2012 PBR
3 Wiley 97 1/1/2012 7/12/2012 Lone Star (& PBR?)
4 Brownie 92 1/1/2012 9/3/2012 PBR
5 Bilirubensbabe 67 1/13/2012 9/1/2012 Lone Star
6 Squeezin' 67 1/3/2012 8/31/2012 Champagne of Beers
7 Lulu 57 1/1/2012 7/29/2012 Champagne of Beers
8 Billie 55 1/9/2012 8/24/2012 Lone Star
9 Ragnar 54 1/6/2012 9/1/2012 Lone Star
10 Piggus 41 1/4/2012 8/24/2012 PBR
11 Dude WMBC? 32 1/6/2012 6/16/2012 Lone Star
12 Zonie 30 1/18/2012 2/17/2012 PBR
13 Gagger 28 1/1/2012 3/16/2012 Lone Star
14 Shooter 28 1/17/2012 2/15/2012 PBR
15 Ms. Blue 24 1/3/2012 8/25/2012 Lone Star
16 Animoul 22 4/29/2012 8/25/2012 PBR
17 Hippie 22 1/11/2012 3/2/2012 Lone Star
18 Shorey 19 1/7/2012 5/7/2012 Lone Star
19 Free Bus(c)h 17 1/1/2012 7/29/2012 PBR
20 Bump Her 16 4/18/2012 5/26/2012 Lone Star
21 Elvis 16 1/11/2012 3/2/2012 Lone Star
22 Missychel 16 1/3/2012 5/24/2012 Tecate
23 Gelli 15 1/10/2012 5/30/2012 Lone Star
24 Gibsonic 11 1/27/2012 5/4/2012 Tecate
25 Raymon 11 1/2/2012 4/10/2012 PBR

Of the rest that have 11 or less beers to their credit, only one has a post in the last two months, with most of the rest quitting in January or February.

You probably already noticed that we have two finishers already, Slow Ride and Psycho. Slow Ride completed his yellow beer of choice (Carling? WTH is that? Do I want to know?) in fine fashion during the London Marathon on April 22, at the same time he "lit up a Cuban." I know I don't want to know what that means. In a completely opposite situation, Psycho finished her PBR crawling through a stream under a bridge in Denver sometime on or shortly before June 18. Congratulations to our FRB and FBI!

Wiley at 97 Lone Stars seems to be waiting for a special occasion to finish them, with his last post being on July 12. It appears, however, that he will fail to complete his double challenge unless he starts drinking PBR again soon. According to my research, he only has 8 of those so far.

Brownie is just a bit behind him at 92 and remains active, so he will finish soon and perhaps beat Wiley unless Wiley wakes up soon. Not that it matters--this is not a race.

After that you have Bilirubensbabe and yours truly, who are perfectly on pace with 67 beers and 1/3 of the year left to go. I will be proud to be the first to represent the Champagne of Beers--and perhaps the only one unless Lulu (at 57 MHLs and a last posting date over a month ago) decides to step it up.

Billie, Ragnar, and Piggus appear to be committed to the challenge with decent beer counts and recent posting dates. Ms. Blue and Animoul are quite a bit behind on the count, but should not be counted out as they have also been recently active. I have little hope for everyone else.

At this point, it appears that only Carling, PBR, Lone Star, and the Champagne of Beers will have a place on the 100 Yellow Beers in 100 Different Places Challenge of 2012 Ring of Honor. But, we still have over 100 days until the end of the year. That means only a beer a day is necessary to complete the challenge (and that's if you start NOW!) Don't let your chosen beer down!!!


brownie said...

Awesome work! I'll see Wiley in a few weeks so my guess is he's waiting for me to catch up.

PlaysByEar said...

Thanks! Now we have the answer from Wiley. The challenge is not complete without proper documentation!

Now, back to my challenge...


brownie said...

I guess he was not waiting for me. Prick.